Producer, Publisher, and

Strategic Financial Consultant

Bringing People, Capital and Ideas Together

Lynn Kitchen is passionate about the Power of Mentorship and the Can-Do Spirit.

Lynn’s production company, Kitchen-Hamilton Productions, is currently producing a 13 Episode TV Series, “World’s Greatest Motivators”, featuring top motivational speakers on the Power of Positivity and the Can-Do Spirit.

Previous productions include the Bob Proctor at Carnegie Hall Event and the Master Mentor Series with Lynn interviewing notable thought leaders and master mentors on the Power of Mentorship.

As publisher, Lynn is CEO of DreamSculpt Books & Media, an imprint of Waterside Productions (an Ingram Publishing Imprint) bringing book incubation services, publishing and strategic planning to authors whose messages make a positive difference in the world.

As one of four businesswomen, Lynn is a partner of The Four Dames, LLC, a women empowerment company. Their book, “Wealth Mastery For Women” is an international bestseller.

Formerly, Lynn enjoyed a 35-year career as a financial advisory executive and now provides seasoned perspective as a financial consultant. She continues to serve as board chair and partner of a private money management firm in Pasadena, California.

Mentorship and philanthropy have long been Lynn’s priorities, serving 22-years as Board Member of the Spirit Awakening Foundation that mentors incarcerated and at-risk youth in Los Angeles.

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Science, Business Marketing, from California State University, Long Beach, and has held many advanced financial certifications including Licensed Financial Principal and two years of study toward Certified Financial Analyst (CFA).

Lynn currently lives in Longboat Key, Florida with her husband and enjoys tennis and biking.

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In addition to her successes in the financial world, Lynn has had the opportunity to develop expertise in other areas that are dear to her including the:

– power of mentorship
– empowerment of women worldwide
– importance of honoring the stories of our elders
– impact of spirituality and gratefulness in our lives, and
– high purpose of philanthropy, particularly mentoring at-risk youth

meetlynn-pic1As a producer, Lynn is most passionate about spotlighting current and emerging talents whose teachings and wisdom inspire and empower us to live a greater, expanded expression of “Good”. Her acclaimed “Cutting Edge” Master Mentor Series provides thought-provoking, exclusive video interviews of “cutting edge” thinkers, innovators, notable leaders, change agents, and influence makers.

As an author, Lynn has collaborated on a book with the Four Dames that became an immediate Amazon International #1 Best Seller, entitled “Wealth Mastery For Women – 12 Laws For Creating Wealth Starting Today”. A gifted speaker/teacher, Lynn regularly creates innovative programs to help others create wealth and a purposeful life.

As a mentor, Lynn proposes that true economic and societal change can be accelerated if we each would adopt the idea of living a Master Mentor Life – endeavoring to both HAVE a mentor and BE a mentor “as a way of Life”.  As we help each other rise on the ladder of becoming, we enjoy the value of the completed circuitry of connection. Lynn likes to say, “Mentorship is the Ground-wire to Greatness”.
Master Mentor Life ~ Mentorship as a Way of Life

“Mentorship is the Ground-wire to Greatness” – Lynn Kitchen